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Dear Customer:
Swimming pool plaster is a unique thing. It is composed of White cement and Marble White sand. It is mixed in a paddle mixer on the job and applied to the pool surface with a pump. There are two coats; the scratch coat and the final coat which is trowelled smoothly. This job is done normally in 6 hours.
Once the plaster is dry, the same day, the pool is filled. (Note: Care should be taken to fill the pool evenly, and completely, never stopping the water while it is filling, or a possible bath tub ring could form which will be impossible to remove). Once the pool is filled, the pool can be used.
The plaster cures under water a minimum of 7-10 days and at least 30 days before the pool can be drained.
With a fresh plastered pool, initial care is very important. The pool should be brushed 2 times a day for 10 days. This will remove all plaster dust from sticking to the surface and will help smooth out the surface completely. (Note: Dirt should not be smeared into plaster. This may cause stains which should be taken out ASAP). Brushing is the responsibility of the customer. If you are unable to brush, please call the office (808)261-3508 and we can make arrangements for you. We carry a complete team of service professionals and a complete line of pool and spa care products.
During the first 2 weeks the water chemistry will be balanced and the customer should not add any chemicals unless advised by the service technician. Once the water is balanced and the 10 days are over, the service technician will set up an appointment to explain water chemistry and turn the pool over to you.
The plastered surface has a warranty for three years from flaking, peeling or blistering as long as the pool water chemisty and the filtration system are maintained properly. Normal life expectancy on the plastered surface is 8-12 years. During the normal life of the plaster a periodic cleaning may be needed. This may require draining the pool. Precautions: Any time a pool is drained it is possible for the plaster surface to dry out. This may cause flaking of the pool plaster. (Note: Care should be taken to clean pool as soon as possible and fill. The pool should not be empty for more than 3 days or severe flaking may occur). The maintenance person and/or contractor should not be held liable for the plastered surface from flaking, peeling or blistering after the warranty period is up or once the pool is drained.
Cleaning can be done by two methods:
1. Chlorine wash; using a chlorine solution to scrub down pool surface.
2. Acid wash; using a acid solution to scrub down pool surface. (Note: Acid may etch plastered surface if not properly done. Both jobs require an expert to do).
C&J contracting (808)261-6659
32 Kainehe St. Kailua, HI 96734

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