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The Many Phases of Pool Construction
t's time to take your dream to the next level. We can take a look at the grounds and take a look at your dreams and create a design that will reflect your style. Do you want to walk out your door to a tropical oasis with a lagoon style pool with lots of plants and natural stone, maybe even a cascading waterfall? Or do you lean towards straight lines and curves? Will you use it for excercise or will this be an intimate and relaxing space? Perhaps you're looking for a great place for the family or for entertaining guests. More likely, you want a combination of these things. Our commitment to good design and architecture will give you a surrounding that is both provocative, relaxing, and easy to care for.

A Job site visit, a preliminary sketch, or plan review, a job cost estimate are some of the first steps to take. We can provide a complete professional plan, including landscaping deck work, water feature, electrical and structural engineering.

After all necessary financing, and notification of financial approval to our office, we submit plans and specifications to the city to obtain a building permit. If you live on leasehold land, we submit plans to th lessor for their approval before construction.

You can almost feel the water Painting the Picture. Good pool design starts with the pools relationship to the settings, the homes architecture, and the landscaping. Based on your plans and engineering, excavation spikes are placed, all steps, corners, lights and benches are marked. During the layout of the pool, we would like you or your representative present to approve the location and shape of the pool.
Here come the Big Tools. The dump truck and back-hoe that will dramatically change your yard have arrived. You have to make sure that they have access. This might mean several trips as loads of earth are removed. We need 8 to 10 feet access please.
Engineered right. Skeletal and Circulatory system. The reinforcing steel is installed in a grid pattern following the requirements of the engineering calculations. A good circulatory system will aid in keeping your pool warm and your maintenece costs down. Here we place the plumbing, automatic cleaning units and surface skimmers, underwater lights, and other extras. The pool will need to be grounded and all electrical installation will need to be inspected by the local authorities.
Laying the Shell. Concrete is pneumatically applied to the steel to form the pool shell. The pool concrete is trimmed and shaped to the exact contours required. This includes all spas, benches and steps. Jimmy the master pool builder.
Once or twice a day your shell needs moisture. A Proper Cure. At this time it is important that you assisit us by keeping the structure damp with water for the best possible cure. Spray the surface with a hose spraying a mist of water 1 to 2 times per day for 7-10 days.
Decking and Tile. Now is the time to install the concrete decking. We also specialize in hollow tile, moss rock, stucco, flagstone and other surfaces. You can select from a wide variety of tile. Just visit National Pool & Tile Group to get an idea of the variety of colors, textures, and patterns available. The touch that expresses your sense of taste and imagination.
You can almost feel the water Getting Plastered. The plastering of the pool is usually a one day operation. The plasterer will show you how and when to start filling the pool with water. (Note: Do not turn on the pool light until the pool is filled with water, this will cause your pool light to blow-up!). You can find more information on plaster by visiting our Plaster Info Sheet page here on this web site.
It's almost Pool Time. The time to fill a pool depends upon the size of the pool and water pressure. Fill the pool to halfway up the ceramic tile line at the top of your pool. Please, no swimming until the pool is full and do not use fire hydrant water as the pressure may damage the plaster finish. Your dreams becoming reality.
Ahhh, now doesn't that feel good. Let's Get Your Feet Wet. Please call the office and we can give you instructions on care and maintenance. To ensure routine and proper cleaning and purification, we can arrange a time with you to start our tailored pool service. The service man will also make a list of anything remaining undone and return it to the construction office for action. If you have any question regarding scheduling of construction on your pool, or scheduled maintenaince, please call our office at 261-3508. We are open Monday through Friday fom 8:00am to 5:00pm.
C&J contracting (808)261-6659
32 Kainehe St. Kailua, HI 96734

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